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It Looks Like UK-China Relations Have Just Hit A New Low Point

Allegations are flying in both directions these days. It Looks Like UK-China Relations Have Just Hit A New Low Point YouTube screenshot/France 24 English

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Chinese provocations have strained the nation’s relationship with various countries — including the United States — in recent years. But its diplomatic and economic ties with the United Kingdom appear to be especially tenuous these days.

The latest development

Just a few days ago, British authorities took three individuals into custody on allegations that they had been gathering information on behalf of the Hong Kong intelligence community. According to early reports, Chi Leung Wai, Matthew Trickett, and Chung Biu Yuen are facing charges related to spying for Hong Kong — once a British colony and now under China’s authority — as well as forcing their way into a residence.

The very next day, the U.K. foreign ministry issued a stern statement denouncing the actions of China’s ambassador.

Accusing China in general of engaging in a “pattern of behavior” that targeted the U.K., including cyberattacks and pursuit of bounties for individuals who fled Hong Kong and took refuge in Britain, the foreign ministry’s statement is among the harshest to date amid the ongoing tensions between the two nations.

A number of protests and demonstrations throughout the U.K. in recent years have called for the restoration of democracy in Hong Kong, though these events have repeatedly been marred by acts of violence and intimidation — often by individuals with loyalties to China.

A response from Beijing

The allegations are not only going in one direction, though. China reacted to the recent efforts by British authorities with a statement from its embassy asserting that it “firmly rejects and strongly condemns the U.K.’s fabrication of the so-called case and unwarranted accusation” made against Hong Kong and China.”

Furthermore, the statement accused British officials of staging “a series of accusations … including those on ‘China spies’ and cyberattacks” that China described as “groundless and slanderous.”

Chris Agee
Chris Agee May 15th, 2024
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