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British Documents Reveal Update About Prince Harry’s Official Residency

It's the confirmation of news that has been in the works for years. British Documents Reveal Update About Prince Harry’s Official Residency Shutterstock

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It might not come as a huge shock to those who have been following his disassociation with the British royal family in recent years, but a new report seems to confirm it: Prince Harry is now officially a U.S. resident.

A long time coming

Since shortly after his marriage to American actress Meghan Markle, Harry has increasingly distanced himself from the monarchy. Though not always directly, they have spoken out against certain aspects of royal life.

In 2020, an apparently widening chasm between Harry and the rest of his family led to his decision, along with Meghan, to eschew royal duties.

And then they moved to California, which they have considered their primary residence ever since. But that doesn’t mean Harry wants to renounce his British roots and become a Yank.

During an interview earlier this year, he was asked about becoming an American citizen, replying: “It’s a thought that has crossed my mind but it’s not a high priority right now.”

According to the recent filing by Companies House, the British corporate registrar, Harry appears to have taken the next step toward fully embracing the American lifestyle.

The brief entry only references “Prince Henry Charles Albert David Duke of Sussex” to formally update his country of residence.

The ties that bind

There aren’t any clear reports indicating the visa or other permits Harry currently holds while living in the U.S., but his decision to leave his royal residence, Frogmore Cottage, in 2018 represented a clear line in the sand between him and the rest of the family.

Since then, however, there have been a few signs that some familial connections remain. Most notably, Harry flew back to the U.K. in February to visit his father, King Charles, who had recently been diagnosed with cancer.

Chris Agee
Chris Agee April 19th, 2024
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